VersaUV LEF-300 30" flatbed printer

VersaUV LEF-300 UV Flatbed Printer Applications

Keychain Printed on a LEF-300

Big and Small Promotional Products

The LEF-300 allows you to print on and around complex curves and contours of an object, large or small, perfect for promotional items.
Keychain Printed on a LEF-300

Sensitive Electronic Items

With low-heat curing and non-magnetic printing, personalising sensitive electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops is no problem.
Print artwork and different custom applications


Giftware with Style and Texture

Everything from wedding gifts to delicate pottery and even fabric items such as leather belts and purses are no problem for the LEF-300. Print directly onto small jewellery products or large, cumbersome items and add luxurious finishes and textures with layers of Gloss ink in matt and gloss finishes.
Print Custom awards

Glass and Other Trophy Personalisation

Add full colour to glass awards and wooden plaques, making colours pop with white ink. Add an extra special touch with elegant embossed effects using gloss ink.
Print Custom awards

Product Design, Packaging and Parts

Produce production-standard graphics for toys, sports gear, control panels and more. Variable data printing also allows for individual serial number printing.
Print Specialized Signs with LEF

Specialised Signs and Larger Items

Don't hold back your imagination. Let the LEF-300 take your creativity to new heights. Print on tabletops, delicately crafted wood signs, game pieces, or clocks...the possibilities are virtually endless!

Print Specialized Signs with LEF

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